Security and Convenience: Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates Sydney

When it comes to gating off your driveway, there are two main functions you're looking for. The first is security. You want a gate that will keep your property and family protected. The second is convenience. Nobody wants a gate that takes forever to open and close. This is why  sliding gates are the top choice for homeowners.


Top Security

Unlike manual lock gates that can be easily picked, hacked, or smashed, sliding gates are solid in frame and don't leave their locking mechanisms exposed. Potential intruders will be faced with a sturdy, high gate with no weak spots. There is no lock to break or links to slip through with these types of gates. Even a car driven at the gate at full speed will have a tough time getting through.

Sliding gates come with remote controls that will be given only to those who should have access to your property. This cuts down on potential access points for would be intruders. Nobody can copy your keys or break your lock code. With sliding gates, homeowners rest easy knowing they have much better security than they would with other types of gates.


The Height of Convenience

With a sliding gate, you can say goodbye to those wasted moments struggling with locks and security codes. All you have to do is push a button on your remote and the gate swings open. Hit it once more and it swings closed behind you. It's as easy as that! Many homeowners keep their remote controls in their glove compartments for quick access.

Most of these remote controls have a wide access range so you can open the gate from down the street or in the yard. You can open your gate to guests from inside the house. Gone are the days you would need to leave your gate open or open it repeatedly if you are having a party. With a sliding gate, you gain in convenience as well as security.


How Sliding Gates Work

When you invest in a sliding gate, you're significantly upping the technology level. While other types of gates are manual, sliding gates are fully motorised. Your remote control sends a signal through to the motor, telling it to swing the gate open or closed. High end sliding gate motors are high in horsepower, guaranteeing quick reaction time. If you need to close the gate fast against intruders, you can do so at a moment's notice. The same goes for if you need to leave your property quickly. Sliding gates are the key to fast entry and exit times.

Sliding gates run on track systems that make for quick action. When the motor is powered, the gate slides along a length of track to open or close. These tracks are sturdy and allow the gate to glide smoothly into place each time you push that button. Unlike with manual gates, sliding gates in Sydney are local homeowners' top choice for optimum performance.

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