Balustrades : Overlooked Architectural Designs


Sydney is perhaps of one Australia's most beautiful cities, not only because of its people, culture, and nightlife, but because of its architecture. Sydney boasts some of nation's most beautiful buildings in regards to their architectural design, which are bold, modern, and functional. If you happen to be looking for buildings, or even new apartments to buy or rent, you should consider paying close attention to an architectural design many people sometimes overlook - balustrades.

Balustrades, are a type of decorative railing and in many of the buildings, really tie the designs together. They can be designed in a number of stylish fashions in order to perfectly enhance the entire building's aesthetics, and they also perform a crucial and necessary function for most buildings, as they can be used as railings on ledges or even on stairs. It can be made out of several materials, including wood, metal, aluminium, stainless steel, and for the truly daring and different, glass. Each material comes with a distinct look, as well as a different type of function.

New modern buildings that stand out usually do so because they take advantage of balustrades made of glass (framed or frameless), because of its clear design and unique look. Residential structures, such as large apartment complexes, usually use aluminium ones because they are cheap, efficient, easy to clean, and they look attractive. For those wanting a more regal or classic look, it can also be made out of a variety of woods, which can be used to highlight the aesthetic design of the building or residence, if the wood is properly cleaned and cut. Thus, it is not only functional and attractive, but they are also versatile and can fulfil the needs of even the pickiest designers or architects.


The Many Functions of Balustrades

But don't be fooled by the it's high-end architectural beauty. It can also be used for even the most functional uses, and can be designed quickly and cheaply, if you use the right material and craftsmen. As previously mentioned, it can also be used by apartment complexes for things such as ledges and stair railings, but they can be used for multi-functional purposes, such as for pool fencing. And, if made from the right material, can even be used as sturdy and reliable security fencing.

Regardless of your needs and wants, it can be used in whatever manner you would like them to be used. If they are made properly and you buy them from the right craftsmen or company, it could last over time. More importantly, they can easily be designed in a number of fashions, and can even turn the most simple and boring functions, such as railings and fences, into attractive and eye-pleasing designs.

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